Interested in trying Motivation Engine for free?

Dr. Jung’s work with Motivation Engine featured on Global News

Dr. Jung was recently featured in an interview on Global News regarding her work with the newly developed application Motivation Engine.

Motivation Engine has been develop to assist individuals with the development and attainment of an individualized physical activity goal. Users of Motivation Engine are paired up with a lifestyle coach who’s aim is to assist the individual in work towards his/her specific goals in an effort to develop the motivation to attain said goal.

For more information on Motivation Engine, please view the interview via the above link.

Are you interested in trying Motivation Engine for free? Dr. Jung is currently looking for individuals aged 19-65 to participate in an 8-week free trial of the application. If you are interested in participation, and are a current member of the Kelowna YMCA, or H20 Adventure and Fitness Centre, please contact Dr. Jung’s Masters student Elizabeth Voth for more information at