Dr. Mary E. Jung

Director of the Diabetes Prevention Research Group



As the lady in command, Dr. Jung wows the lab with her ability to triumph over any task she sets her mind to. When the pressure is on we may not see Dr. Jung as much in person but traces of peanut butter and chocolate milk scattered around her keyboard provide clear indicators of productivity. Dr. Jung always greets you with a smile and is an inspiration to all who she mentors. She will give her all to any challenge that is put in front of her and will encourage others to do the same, both inside the lab and during extracurricular lab adventures!

Areas of Research Interest

Dr. Jung’s theory-based research program focuses on the self-regulation of health behaviours, including the promotion and adherence to physical activity and healthy diets, as well as self-regulation required to prevent the onset of type two diabetes. She is particularly interested in the concurrent management of these health behaviours amongst other valued life goals, such as work and family.

Her current research attempts to help individuals at risk for developing type two diabetes prevent or delay disease onset through lifestyle modifications. Other areas of interest include health program evaluation, the use of digital technologies in the self-regulation of health behaviours, the psychological processes involved in weight loss, establishing a healthy body image, developing a strong sense of exercise identity and self-regulating exercise among several other life goals.


For a current list of Dr. Jung’s publications, please visit:


Email: mary.jung@ubc.ca

Phone: 250.807.9670

Office: RHS 119 – 1088 Discovery Avenue, Kelowna, BC, V1V 1V7

Twitter: @DrMaryJung